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Aqua Park 2019 New Design

Model: HTH-AP-19012

Size(m): 88x72m

Size(ft): 289x236ft

Package: PVC bag Customized

Weight: 6650kg

Blower: Air pump

product description

Dolphin theme water park is a kind of inflatable water theme park and an open water sports and entertainment project. It is a large-scale water  obstacles course combination of inflatable floating board, inflatable slide, water game and various obstacles. Depending on the size of the equipment and the area used, multiple people can participate at the same time. Under the multiple protection of buoyancy suit, underwater protective net and life-saving safety officer, it has the characteristics of competitive, entertaining and interactive game of water sports, as well as thrilling and exciting. Inflatable water park can be used in swimming pools, lakes, near the coast and other environments without wind and waves.      

      In addition, HTH inflatable company develops a variety of themes, venue planning and content customization for customers' needs, including cartoon modeling, customized amusement projects, color themes, etc. In summer and hot climate, aquatic entertainment will attract a lot of tourists. It can meet the needs of tourists' preferences and project customization in different regions.